Maximal cleanliness with less energy


Our commitment to environmental protection has led us to develop water- and energy-saving technologies. From the origin of new assemblies and during all manufacturing phases, we always follow an environmental-, health- and energy-saving process.

The latest innovations and results of the exclusive system  PRS, provide savings of up to 33% water consumption, energy  and chemicals during the washing cycle. With the RAH-system the rinse-aid is only added after the boiler, and therefore blends much better with the accelerated water. This produces a perfect emulsion with a rinse-aid reduction of up to 70%. The use of these systems facilitates a drastically reduced consumption of chemical additives.

For the sake of our environment

Together we'd like to make the use of the energy resources in our world environmentally friendly and gentle through the use of new technologies. These ambitious tasks are our daily challenge and motivation.

Water savings

Water is a precious common property, that should be used thoughtfully and sparingly. With the unique system ECO2 water consumption is substantially reduced.

Low energy consumption

Our CRC-system is a waste-water condenser and heat-exchanger that produces up to 25% energy savings, since  the produced heat is recycled and used to warm up the cold water.

Minimal use of chemicals

Stierlen machines optimize the detergent consumption, thus preserving the sensitive balance of nature, and limiting pollution.

Low maintenance cost

Stierlen products guarantee a large reduction of resources, so that the pay-back period for initial investments is extremely short.

Stierlen is a 100% member of the Ali-Group, which is based in Milan, Italy. Products that carry the name Stierlen are known for their high quality and innovation. As one of the largest suppliers for professional kitchen technology, our head office in Rastatt (with 20 sales and distribution locations) supplies all of Europe with our extensive product range.

RELIABLE PERFORMANCEthrough perfect workmanship
LONGTIME EXPERIENCEin the market since 1889
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