Metos Proveno Combi-kettle

The unique construction and the modern design of this kettle increase productivity and reliability in the entire kitchen area.

More quality with a shorter cooking time


The optional wireless HACCP-system is equipped with a temperature recording with real-time reading. The combi-kettle not only cooks a variety of meals in large quantities (the kettle is available in sizes from 40 l to 400 l ), but also cools them down to storage temperature in record speed. Combined with an ice bench, it becomes a  shock cooler.

Proveno kettles make preparation processes easier, while keeping top hygienic standards.

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RELIABLE PERFORMANCEthrough perfect workmanship
LONGTIME EXPERIENCEin the market since 1889
100% QUALITYcertified brand-name products
COMPETENT SERVICEmore than 20 Sales- & Service locations