Stierlen - Passive food distribution systems

Our products for modern, passive food distribution set new milestones and fullfill the strictest temperature requirements. All meals can be served appetizingly and perfectly balanced. This guarantees highest efficiency for the food preparation. Eating culture is a quality of life and requires the professional preparation of meals in a perfectly hygienic environment, which keeps us healthy. With Stierlen quality products you have chosen optimal functionality, easy handling and a low investment volume

The result – food as fresh as just prepared

Clochen systems to hold temperature 

… the universal system

Stierlen Thermo Set

Stierlen ThermoSet, the congenial system-tableware for finest eating culture. Every meal freshly prepared – a special treat. The form accuracy, upper- and lower part fit exactly together, thus no heat can escape and the food stays hot longer. Pre-dosed diets or late meals can easily be regenerated inside the ThermoSet, and the holding time is about 30 minutes.

... the variable system

Stierlen Vari Set

The Stierlen VariSet is the versatile way of meal distribution with many possibilities, where menus are individually portioned or served  à la carte.  Side dishes can be added as desired, whereby a variable assembly of foods is done with VariSet cups or VariSet plates. These unique dishes keep foods hot for up to one hour. Cold foods, which are placed next to the warm foods, stay cold and fresh.

… the hot system

Stierlen Hot Set

With the Stierlen HotSet, made of stainless steel, you have a custom-made solution for keeping warm foods hot for an exceptionally long time. With the „seashell“ principal of the all-round closed ThermoSet you achieve the perfect insulation, and a holding time of 45 minutes is guaranteed. With this quality product, you have chosen optimal functionality, easy handling and a low-investment volume.

... das innovative System

Stierlen Power Set

Top and bottom parts of the PowerSet are double-walled and made of high-performance plastic and a PU-foam filling. The PowerDisc inlaid in the bottom, is only loaded with 95°C energy, as opposed to the usual stainless steel discs. The emitted energy takes place exclusively inside the dish. This way the heat in the PowerSet is stored up to 60 minutes.

Cloch systems for keeping cool

… the chilled system

Stierlen Frigo Set

Meals that have been portioned hours before serving, stay as fresh as momentarily served if they are kept cool with the FrigoSet. A single cup, made of polypropylene in a spraying process, the upper and lower cup fit perfectly together, so that no cool air can escape. This guarantees a holding period of about 90 minutes.

… the cool system

Stierlen Cool Set

With the Stierlen CoolSet, we offer you an intelligent addition to our insulating dishes. In various combinations with other Stierlen products, these new system components are the perfect supplement for cooling meals. The attainable cooling duration of 300 minutes for a pre-portioned meal, predestine this system for this application.

Compact tray system for cool- & warm holding

… the compact system

Stierlen Combi Set

The CombiSet, can be used as a compact tray for all 3 meals, with the corresponding heat / cooling inlays for holding warm or cold. The dish is stackable, and fits easily into every Stierlen tray trolley. A wide, recessed grip makes it easy to remove the plate. The card bracket is molded in, thus making it less difficult for the output or dishwasher.

As a perfect supplement for all Stierlen systems, the large assortment of tableware (dishes) fullfills your highest expectations.


System tableware is the decisive element for the perfect function of every food distribution, and serves as a link between the kitchen and the food recipient. It offers the aesthetic frame to make the meal a pleasant experience.


STIERLEN china is available with an attractive decor, matching the colors of the STIERLEN thermal ware. With this, hospitals, nursing homes and rest homes can stand out. The decor is dishwasher-safe, soap-resistant and long-lasting.


STIERLEN china convinces through it's good function and easy handling. It is stackable, stores heat, is sturdy and hygienic. This makes it ideal for meal distribution.

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