Stierlen – customer-oriented flexibility

The dishwashing solutions by Stierlen are unique in every unit, because they are precisely adapted to your requirements.

Advanced technology for sparkling hygiene


Thanks to the adapted configuration possibilities of our units, we can plan and manufacture semi-automatic dishwashing assemblies according to customer request. These can contain several belt-transport machines, as well as tray- and cutlery washers. The cutlery is lifted from the trays by means of a lifting magnet, and automatically transferred to the cutlery track, while the tray gets transferred to the tray track.

Example in a clinical center

The following pictures show a dishwashing assembly for 600 – 800 meals in a hospital.


The meals for the patients are provided on the tray by means of a tray transport-trolley. Upon return, the trays are taken out of the trolley and placed on the conveyor belt for dirty dishes. 


The dishes are transferred from the moving belt by a lowered admission belt into the flight type dishwashing machine. Trays and cutlery move on under a cutlery lifter, that lifts up the cutlery.


Trays and cutlery are then automatically transferred into the tray- and cutlery dishwasher. The trays are automatically stacked. The cutlery can be directly sorted out and filled into the cutlery baskets by means of a slide.

Example in a operational kitchen

The pictured example shows an assembly for  800 - 1.200 meals in a operational kitchen



Pictured here is also a flight type dishwashing machine with a lowered admission belt, but in a broad-belt version. The transport belt is equipped with a separate cutlery belt. The cutlery is automatically lifted and 


transferred to the cutlery track. The flight type dishwashing machine is equipped for integration into a direct-spray system for the cleaning fluid with a neutral zone. The trays move on to the tray washing machine and are 


automatically stacked after drying. When the stack is exchanged, an automatic intermediate tray stacking facility ensures an uninterrupted process, therefore avoiding a tray shortage.

Example in a canteen

The example pictured here shows a dishwashing assembly in a canteen for  800 - 1.200 meals per day.



Due to the large amount of guests, two units for the admission of trays can be used. The trays are then transferred to the washing assembly through a conveyor tower with a junction. First the glasses are removed and placed in baskets, and washed 


in a basket-transport machine. An osmosis system ensures perfect washing results. The plates and bowls can be transferred through the lowered admission belt at four stations. The trays and cutlery are handled the same as in the example for


hospitals, in a tray- and cutlery washer. The plates and bowls can be transferred through the lowered admission belt at four stations. The trays and cutlery are handled the same as in the example for hospitals, in a tray- and cutlery washer.

Advantages of a customer-oriented assembly


Individual confirguration for the perfect assembly


The trays are automatically stacked


Shortages with tray returns are avoided


With a large number of participants, two admission stations for trays can be used

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