Stierlen - trolley washers

The automatic washing system in a single-chamber  construction, can be integrated in a new building as well as in existing premises.

Cleanliness you can be proud of

Trolley washers WD-18CW

In matters of hygiene hospitals and clinics can make no compromises.

The washing machines by Stierlen offer absolute hygiene and process safety thanks to their innovative technology.

A special feature is the integrated rotary plate for the trollies that are in the washing chamber. This ensures that even difficult to access spots on the tray transport trolley are reliably reached by the spray jet. The concluding rotation phase achieves a good drying result.


of Stierlen trolley washers


The machine is very space-saving, as it only requires  7,4 m² set-up space


Only 6 liters of water per cycle are required


Available with 3 cleaning programs, which can be chosen according to the degree of staining


The unit is low maintenance and is conceived for a long-lasting durability.

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